El Pintor

El Pintor is a series of "Author Agave Spirits" handcrafted by the world´s second  certified Maestro Tequilero.


Our goal is to create perfectly equilibrated spirits, through a sought after capacity to balance science and  art to create unique blends.



Tequila JOVEN

Blanco + Extra añejo


From the highlands of Jalisco, this first collection consists of our Tequila Joven, which is a blend of Blanco and an Extra Añejo aged from 3 to 4 years in used bourbon barrels. After the blending process it's passed through our proprietary filtration system in which we remove most of the color but leave intact all of the original organoleptic properties. It's cooked in autoclave for 10 hours, fermented with our yeasts that have been used for decades in the Hacienda and then twice distilled in micro batches in copper stills.




In conjunction we created also El Pintor Mezcal ensamble. Produced in Oaxaca in the town of Yautepec, its a ensemble of espadin agaves and wild cuishe. Cooked in the traditional earth pit, naturally fermented using the yeast that the air brings in to the palenque, meshed in a TAHONA, then distilled twice in a artisanly made copper still. With a profile taste that mimics the aroma of where those agaves were born.